Worktrip skincare

Work trips are the worst for the skin. How to stay presentable, hydrated and glowing despite being super-stressed, sleep-deprived, trapped on an airplane for hours and not having any space and/or time to properly take care of skin? It’s actually almost not possible.

I don’t normally do excessively lengthy skincare routines. I double-cleanse, do serums, creams and sometimes some extras like peels, scrubs and such. I do sweat-baths about once a week (Epsom-salts and baking soda) and deep-condition my (recently gone mental) hair about twice a week. My skin is by and large OK. Very dehydrated, at times congested. 

However short the work trip I’m going on, I always start packing from skincare. It’s absolutely maddening having to cram cosmetics into the tiny one litre plastic bags, but since that restriction is not going away anytime soon, we’ll have to work with it. 

Rule one: Muji plastic decanters, tubes, small pots. I often take samples when I travel (especially if I manage to get eye creams, shampoos and conditioners, they are best taken on board as sample sachets). However, I often decant body creams into smaller bottles. You will need a proper body cream. Because of rule two:

Never trust hotel cosmetics. Now, even if I am traveling for work and often stay in decent hotels, their supply of cosmetics should not be trusted. Ever. However fancy the hotel, their cosmetics offering is always geared for men, and is at best unisex. Which is fine (there are many fabulous unisex brands) but nearly always smells weirdly rank. Always have your own body cream. Shower gel is not as important. That you can leave at home.

Rule three: Scout for travel sizes and buy them whenever you come across decent ones. Deodorants, toothpastes, contact lens solution, this kind of stuff. Always have a stash at home ready to be taken with you. Pay attention to getting small perfume bottles. Just because you are travelling does not mean you suddenly need to smell of turned Giorgio Beverly Hills because it happens be the only sample you managed to find before scooting to the airport. No. For example Byredo, Diptyque and Le Labo do decent travel sizes. Or get the really tiny samples, as long as they are actually something you would want to wear. Again, this is not the time to go all experimental.

Rule four: Proper skincare. The stuff you use at home. Decant, if your regular bottles are too big. More flexibility is OK as regards cleansers and toners, but please do make sure you have proper serums and oils/creams. Your skin will suffer from flying/time difference/lack of sleep/change of diet. Hydrate. Please.

Rule five: Get extra Omega 3-oil capsules and magnesium citrate (that form works best for me but check what’s best for you) and take in a small plastic case with you. Also, go the extra mile and decant linseed oil into a small plastic bottle. Take a spoonful a day. It tastes disgusting but is good for the skin. 

Rule six: Take a facial spritz on the plane. You will also need a good lip balm. If you are flying long-haul, have a go at sheet masks. I am yet to dare try one out. I will one day.

Pictured are some of my favourites. Vintner’s Daughter doubles as a serum/cream if pushed for space, but I generally make sure I also manage to get the Votary serum with me. I often decant both, but they came in small enough bottles to take on board so it saves the decanting hassle. I am more relaxed with cleansers, but go for oil cleansers whenever possible. 

Since makeup on a plane is absolutely never an option, unless flight is less than 3 hours and no toilet-stops are possible after landing, I use Tata Harper’s contouring cream bronzer to stop me from looking like death warmed up. 

Le Labo’s Santal is my go-to work perfume, and I have their travel sizes. Given how stressful work travel can be, I usually splurge on ridiculously expensive toothpaste just to make me feel better. Marvis is a favourite. Pictured a new French discovery, Le Bon in “Une Piscine à Antibes”. Tastes like liquorice and mint. You will absolutely not need this, but anything to restore the spirits after a 14 hour workday in a random city usually is worth the extra couple of euros.

Finally, I often take American hair-goodies with me. Because the Americans know what they’re doing as far as hair is concerned. 

Here. Let me know if there is a miracle product I absolutely need to know about before taking off the next time.

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