Normal Returns

We’re 15 degrees Celsius down from Friday and life feels worth living again. I’m also preparing my rentrée to the office after a few weeks of near-complete vegetation (it’s because of the weather. Really, it is. There were days it was so hot you had to think twice before turning the page of a book you’re reading just because effort. I did have plans to do stuff. Then climate change decided it’s better to have me go stir-crazy at home). 

While I have not done the whole “getting a new autumn wardrobe”-shopping, I’ve done some very basic preparations to signal self that holidays are over for now. 

First, I got rid of my semi-permanent nail polish. I had my nails done for three consecutive rounds and while I like the polished look and the careless “I just have these amazing nails and I don’t care!” -vibe, I did, again, end up with fingernails that look like acid attack survivors. 

I removed the last do myself (I knew that if I went to the salon to have it done, I’d surrender and have another go at polish) and despite letting the polish soak really well so as to avoid tearing (I watched the four full episodes of Netflix documentary about Donald Trump, fingers wrapped in kitchen foil, so yes I did spend enough time soaking the bloody thing off) I still ended up losing upper layers of my nails, which was peeling away like string-cheese as I was pushing the soaked polish off ever so gently, using a wooden cuticle stick. 

As a result of three consecutive rounds of semi-permanent polish (READ: three consecutive rounds of the nail technician filing and buffing my nails like a madwoman), my nails are as thin as cigarette paper. For now I’m applying Kure’s Super Base a lot to hide the various craters in my fingertips, topping it with a nude shade. Also, having soaked not only my nails, but also my fingertips in acetone in the process, I’m hunting for a really good hand cream (please leave your best tips in comments!!!).

I am also extremely happy to report that Kjaer Weis, the ultra-cool Scandi natural cosmetics line, is available in Brussels. Kroonen and Brown stock it. I was so elated about this accidental discovery during my Sunday-stroll that I got their Lip Tint (one is generally only able to buy chocolates and antiquities in Brussels on a Sunday, but Kroonen&Brown makes an exception, which is very welcome in case one suddenly finds oneself in a high-end cosmetics/perfume emergency). 

I wrote earlier how sun exposure left my décolletage looking like Steve Bannon’s face. Now, it’s come to pass that weeks of heat, sun and mega-strong SPFs have resulted also my face looking like Steve Bannon’s face. While this is unfortunate for a myriad of reasons (he’s rumoured to be setting up shop in Brussels this autumn and I’d be loath to be mistaken for him!!!), there are fairly prosaic reasons why this has happened: it is possible that I was not as diligent with double-cleansing as I should have been. I was probably also not careful enough with adding extra hydration. All this shall change from now on, and I will let you know my updated fall face-washing situation as soon as I have it fully figured out.

Basically, all that remains to be fully functional at work next week is to have body re-trained to wearing garments with things such as waistbands. Also, must remember to wind wrist-watch.

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