Mark Your Diary: Christmas is Coming

Some of the beauty websites I frequent have already started advertising beauty advent calendars, which will hit the shops next month. I have serious doubts about the need to purchase an extortionately priced thing that doles out a random miniature scented bath oil/makeup base that is about 4 shades too dark for 25 consecutive days during the very period when every household is swamped with “Secret Santa” – tat. 

Don’t get me wrong – my problem is not the spending of money on expensive and unnecessary items. It’s the idea of accumulating  useless crap that ends up in the bin together with the leftover Christmas meal – at the latest. It’s frankly the posh adult version of the Happy McMeal plastic crap – €350 worth of miniature candles, anyone? There are such nice special Christmas editions of things that make more sense and accumulate less waste, that I fail to see any reason to spend cash on randomly chosen 25 miniature lipstick samples.

However, advent calendars are not the reason I’m here this morning. Dear people, I have something that will really make you look forward to Christmas this year: A movie about Ruth Bader Ginsburg! A movie! About her! Called “On the Basis of Sex”, out this Christmas. I have been breathing into a paper bag since I found out. Vanity Fair October issue run their cover story about Felicity Jones who plays RBG in the film. You can watch the movie trailer here:  

Otherwise it’s getting autumn-y in Brussels. After having dressed like an Upper West Side psychiatrist for the past six months, I’m quietly drawn to garments that feature waistbands and fitted sleeves. I haven’t really been to shops much lately because I haven’t decided yet what I’m feeling for this autumn, clothes-wise (or otherwise, come to think of it). I am quite positive I will be giving mustard a go, but should I draw up a plan about my autumn wardrobe and manage to photograph any of it, I shall be sharing the fruits with you.

On the news-front I’m happy to relay the following: GOOP has been made to pay 145,000 American dollars in civil penalties and asked to stop making claims without scientific evidence, especially as far as “unproven claims of health benefits of vaginal eggs and depression preventing tincture” are concerned. 

See, almost feels like Christmas! 

P.S. Despite my having strong feelings about advent calendars full of disposable plastic things, I give my full endorsement to calendars anything that are filled with bits of chocolate, for example. 

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