More/Less in 2019

Seems like New Year’s resolutions are passé, which is just as well. Everybody seems to have rolled into 2019 with “more/less” – lists instead. So have I. 

2019 is going to be an exciting year as it is – we are likely to know officially who will challenge Trump in next year’s elections. Kardashians will have at least one new baby. No-one will care about Madonna’s alleged butt-implant come February. Also, this year is barely six days down and I’ve already been to Paris to drink extortionately priced dry martinis with a friend. I doubt that  much could go wrong in the next 350-something days. 

MORE                                                              LESS

Plans                                                               Schedules

Reading                                                          Netflix-bingeing

Cooking                                                          Takeout sushi

Idling with friends                                    Working lunches

Over the top                                                  Practical 

Skincare                                                        Make-up

Style icons                                                      Body image

Thinking                                                        Opinions

What I really want                                      What I think I can afford/am worth

Vogue                                                              Daily Mail

Quiet                                                                Spotify

Sitting down -wine                                  Cocktail party Prosecco 

Posh crisps                                                    Flimsy crisps

Dry-brushing                                              Tights 

Exhibitions                                                    Window-shopping 

Gainsbourgs                                                  Kardashians (potentially challenging, as new baby on the way so the clan will grow at least in numbers) 

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