Turnaround Bright Eyes

As far as inheritances go, not only did I win big in the “insane hair” – genetic lottery (straight on top, very curly underneath), but also bagged myself a serious set of dark undereye, well, bags. They can be useful for fancy dress parties if I want to go as basset hound, but there are moments when I’d rather be rid of them.

As is the case with many issues in my life, I prefer the option of finding a pill or a cream to make the issue in question go away. The issue can take the form of anything really, from cellulite to an annoying colleague, or indeed the dark bags under my eyes, today’s topic.

The past decade has been a frantic race to find a cream that would help minimise my problem (because accelerated ​ageing). I have been through more eye-creams than I frankly care to think about. Very few stood out. I often lost interest in them, just when I probably should have kept applying them (the ​learning Chinese -effect, people: We don’t honestly expect anyone to learn Chinese in a week, yet expect a skincare product to perform miracles overnight). 

I have also been through long periods of not applying any eye cream (and I’m STILL ALIVE!!!) and noticed very little difference. There’s a specific requirement for my eye cream, which is that I religiously conceal my dark circles, because I don’t want to scare small children. For this I use Glossier Stretch Concealer in the lightest available shade. It thus follows that any eye cream must absolutely collaborate with the concealer. Not all of them do. There’s pilling, weird creasing and all kinds of unacceptable behaviour.

There’s another personal must: No lengthy eye contour massage situations shall be required for the cream to work. I already have too many body parts to worry about. Adding one single simple routine of ancient Indian lymphatic draining fingertip witchery to my current house of cards of a life will make it collapse, never to be rebuilt again. 

With these requirements in mind, I wanted to flag two personal favourites that are doing rather a good job at hydrating and adding a bit of radiance. 


​Sunday Riley Auto Correctsays it’s a brightening and depuffing deal on the bottle. Meant to tackle dark circles and perk up tired eyes (that’s check and check). I like this product a lot. It contains caffeine, lutein and horse chestnut, which do actually sound like ingredients at a breakfast buffet, come to think of it, but does give a nice bit of moisture and refreshment. One note: if you have issues with shea butter, the cream contains it, as well as cocoa butter. The gold-ish, sheen cream has a slight scent, sufficient tack and delivers an immediate airbrush effect. 

Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes promises to rid you of under eye darkness, puffiness and fine lines, as well as give more luminosity and youthful glow. The ingredients again read like a smoothie bar menu: organic red tea, rice bran extract and jojoba oil, but don’t let this distract you. Bright Eyes is very good. It is a bit lighter in consistency than the above cream, and does not have any tint to it. Goldfaden MD do not use silicone, parabens, mineral oils or alcohol in their products.

The above picture was taken following an intense 3-week testing of ​Auto Correct. I am also using the ​Glossier concealer. Also the angle is  flattering from the under eye point of view, so it is difficult to say how much of the appearance is due to skincare and how much of it is photography. The picture is taken by Heli Sorjonen. 

As always, I have bought the products myself.

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