Things I’m Checking Out Now

It’s basically summer in Brussels. Clothes-wise everything feels stuffy and musty and last season in the sunlight, but my head is absolutely reeling with all kinds of ideas, which is exhilarating after a very long hibernation: I went out three times this weekend. *exhausted*

– All shoes will be repaired 

I already mentioned this earlier, but I really mean it. I am hopeful that I can store away winter shoes already, but not before they are resoled and polished and packed away. If you can’t be bothered, do at least this: have the heels repaired when they get stuck between cobblestones and start peeling, and give them a brush once a week. 

Also, remove any stickers (either signifying the price or the material of your footwear) from the soles when you buy shoes. They are unsightly. Thank you.

– Still waiting for “On the Basis of Sex” to open in Europe

That’s the movie about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and it’s supposed to hit the cinemas in March.

– Other entertainment I’m looking forward to:

Third season of The Crown, expected in March. Also, Mary Queen of Scots, which I very much want to see. Also, Colette. And The Favourite. I shall also not be missing the Oscars. I made an awards season reader last year, you can check it here if you want a throwback to Hollywood at the #metoo- high (the post also features my all-time favourite facial oils).

– Yellow

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been craving all things yellow recently. About a million years ago I read somewhere that blondes should not wear yellow (it is quite possibly it was my mother who said that) and I used to take that as some kind of life advise. I’m no longer convinced this is the case, and also I don’t care. Either as a contrast colour or in an accessory, cold, lemony yellow looks terribly fresh right now. I have a few yellow things on my radar, but I’m pacing myself for now (Dries van Noten SS19 and Samuji pre-spring 2019 have fabulous yellow things, for example).

Yellow tulips should not be overlooked. They are freshness.

– Short stories

If reading 400-odd-page epoch novels feels daunting in the spring sunshine, I suggest you try short stories. Recent favourites:

A.M. Homes: Days of Awe. Superb storytelling. Equally dark and funny. A.M. Homes is Vanity Fair contributing editor and writes for many newspapers and magazines, which makes me think her writing style is, well, stylish and very contemporary. This book is excellent entertainment.

Christine Schutt: Pure Hollywood for California-inspired  short stories, see more here. Also, you might want to check out a long-read about the legendary Chateau Marmont in the latest Vanity Fair.

– Santa Maria Novella candles

Italian Santa Maria Novella started making scented candles, introducing a nifty collection of four scents for each time of the day. Needless to say, everything is sublime and the packaging is lush and I absolutely do not need them, but got myself the Meriggio, which is the one for the afternoon. 

– Rosé wine

‘Tis the season.

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