Packing For Overnight Trip

Not all work trips include being holed up in a conference centre for days. The more regular type trips are compact 1,5 day deals and in an optimal scenario can be performed solo. I will be embarking on such trip imminently. I had a fairly straightforward strategy for packing this time, but there have been couple of issues that threw my mind off decanting cleansers, and which I feel need to be shared here, namely:

Kim Kardashian is becoming a lawyer.

I know. Surely the most anti-feminist thing to say? Tsk, Kim becoming a lawyer. She discusses this plan in the latest Vogue, informing us that she had already started as an apprentice in a law firm some time ago, and was looking forward to taking her bar in 2022. I mean yeah, it’s the land of the free, surely anything is possible. Kim is told to have gotten so inspired by her negotiations with the U.S. President last year to release Ms Johnson who was sentenced for life at the time (and indeed later released), that she felt she practically had no other choice after her fight for justice

It’s not her, really. She has graduated from high school so she’s formally qualified to study law. Also let’s not forget her dad was an attorney who defended O.J. Simpson. In Hollywood that basically makes one a lawyer by proxy, no? I’m genuinely thrilled if anyone sits down to read anything, especially someone who has sold the lifestyle of total ignorance to millions of young people for years. There’s obviously hope if the global embodiment of utter stupidity and opportunism finds solace in educating herself.

What I must wonder is Anna Wintour’s editorial choice to put Kardashian on the cover of Vogue for the fifth time already, this time soaking wet, dripping water, implants exposed. I would like to think it is there to set an example. In the manner of “if cauliflower can be pizza, you can be anything”. But yes, Wintour does seem to be a huge fan of Kim, given the platform she’s handed both in Vogue and frequently at the MET Gala (run by Wintour).

Or is Kim being made into a feminist icon à la Beyoncé? And really frankly speaking, is the representation of Kim and Beyoncé all that different? 

– Barbie aesthetics ie. maximum exposure of own flesh at any given opportunity.

– Frequent posing next to a permanently pouting rapper mogul husband.

– Using own kids as fashion props.

– Money empowers -messaging.

Yes Beyoncé can sing, but apparently Kim also has discovered her special gift of being able to read. I don’t know. 

​Charlotte Tilbury’s latest makeup line.

NARS’ Orgasm –blusher is cult. Calling a blusher shade “orgasm” surely was the shit in 1999 when it was launched. Not your regular Ballet Slippers, right? Took some guts to say out loud “I’m wearing orgasm”, huh? Um, yes, that was 20 years ago. We’re quite done with pretend-naughty names for our makeup. 

Except that apparently we are not. Glowgasm is what we are supposed to be going wild for. And I mean, with product names such as Lightgasm, Pinkgasm, Dreamgasm and Peachgasm (notice a p-a-t-t-e-r-nhere?), what’s not to go wild for? 

I like Tilbury’s makeup and use Colour Chameleon chubby eye-pencil in ​Amber haze almost daily. But Peachgasm? Give me a break.

Anyway, back to packing. For one-night trip I usually take a random selection of the maddening samples I have amassed. This is the only occasion you will use them. Ever. Word of caution: only take creams and cleansers that you will use on hands and body. That is the level of adventurous we can afford ourselves. There is never any reason to experiment with facial skincare when on a work trip.

I almost always have my travel-size sticky-tape roller with me. We are still wearing woollen coats at these latitudes, thus there’s always unnecessary fluff sprinkled on garments. 

Speaking of woollen, knitted socks always come with.

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