Good Hair, Don’t Care

I had my hair cut short about three months ago. I have been very happy with the decision. It had come to the point where I didn’t know what to do with my hair anymore, so I cut it. To all of you who contemplate short hair so as to rid yourselves of styling your hair: short hair still needs to be doneThere’s no such thing as having amazing hair that would not require any effort. Just because hair is short does not mean one wakes up looking like Isabella Rossellini. One does not.

The nice thing about short hair is that trying on various products becomes more fun. Washing product off long hair is a half day seminar, also no-one has time to wash hair every day. Trying product on short hair is much less hassle. Herewith some favourites:

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Coconut Breeze

I did not know I needed this product. It’s a pre-everything conditioner, which is applied on wet hair before washing and conditioning. Then it’s left on for 10-20 minutes, rinsed off, and followed by the usual shampoo-conditioner -drill. I never have 20 minutes before even starting to wash my hair, so in all honesty I have not exactly used this one very regularly. When I do, it sure is nice, and gives a fabulous softness to my naturally curly hair.

What is says: ​Captures the vibrant scent of sunshine & pure white sands with warm notes of coconut, jasmine and vanilla. 

What I say:I can confirm this to be the case. 

OUAI Curl Jelly and Hair Oil

The first mystery of this brand is that no-one knows how to correctly pronounce it.

The creator of the label is the hairstylist of the Kardashian- clan, celebrity hairstylist par excellence, Jen Atkins. The products are very good and smell divine. OUAI is a very American brand, and because the Americans tend to be much better at hair than us Europeans, I’m buying. I have tried their shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays and hair masks as well, and did like all of them.

I use the jelly on moist hair before styling and the oil on dry hair. While the oil is very light, it’s still oil, so your hair needs to be quite coarse or thick to take it in without completely being weighed down by it, unless you’re going for the full-on Brylcreme-lewk. Again, my hair is curly, coarse, porous, schizophrenic, unruly and often refuses any cooperation, so I can pretty much throw anything in. 

IGK Thirsty Girl and Mistress

A few general comments before diving into the product review.

Why do some beauty brands believe that the customer (woman) constantly wants to look as if in anticipation of an orgasm? When we are not offered actual dildos (TIGI’s cleverly named Bed Head  –hairstyling products for women are shaped like penises and vibrators. Interestingly, TIGI’s line of styling products for men are sold in boringly standard packaging – you would think their pomades would come in jars that double as artificial vaginas for the emergencies, no? ), or sold products that are, again very cleverly, called nonsense such as Peachgasm, the containers are adorned with pictures of women who look like they are enjoying their hair product ever so slightly more than is probably healthy.

I am aware that I do not have to buy any of this offending merchandise. Sex sells, we know. However I do find it interesting how still, in 2019, so many beauty brands resort to image galleries straight out of porn industry. On the other hand, the distorted sex-faces and droopy pouts are much galore on social media anyway, so maybe it’s only natural that we want the products to match our lives of non-stop sexiness. While I rarely have the urge to walk around town looking like I’m permanently aroused (it’s usually exactly the opposite: life fucks with me), some of the products are very good, and I am now finally coming to that:

Thirsty Girl – canfeatures an orgastic looking young lady, whose face is splashed with water coming out of a tactfully placed bottle approaching her half-open mouth. The product is a coconut-milk leave-in conditioner, which smells absolutely divine and delivers perfect extra moisture before styling. I love this product despite the idiotic packaging. IGK do absolutely brilliant stuff for hair, free from mineral oils, petrolatum and the usual stuff, such as animal testing, and always comes with UV protection (because California, darling).

Mistress is a coconut-smelling hydrating hair balm, which I’ve used for some time already, and really, really do like. 

Most IGK –packaging is actually totally OK, and I much recommend the brand, despite the obvious mishaps.  

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