Review: Revitalash Advanced

With only one third of our faces being on show these days, applying makeup has undergone a major rethink – out of sheer necessity. Lipstick has as much as become obsolete as of late, excluding time spent on online gatherings. Other than that, all focus is on eyes, and that’s exactly what we shall talk about today.

The rules governing our pandemic lives continue to vary from one country to another, and there sometimes seems to be confusion inside a single country as to what is allowed and what not. Access to beauty treatments (broadly covers haircuts, mani-pedis, massages, fillers and various extensions and epilations) was as good as verboten earlier this year, and keeps changing as frequently as the winds.

Being self-sufficient not only as regards toilet paper, but also with one’s grooming, is the ultimate pandemic goal. We cannot, and possibly should not, all strive for this. But there are some tricks of the trade that might be worth considering as possibilities for our otherwise regular maintenance-rounds might again become temporarily unaccessible.

I fell prey to Revitalash Advanced lash conditioner after reading a column in Elle UK about its life-changing qualities. The column was part of a series where beauty editors share the products they would buy with real money even if they didn’t receive everything as gifted press samples. I was bored and lacking of routine in my days and so thought that adding a daily application of eyelash conditioner would bring much-needed posture to my quotidian goings about, not to mention an exciting project of observing the supposed growth of my eyelashes.
This was going to be navel-gazing at its very best!

The starting point was that I’d never had eyelash extensions, but definitely a dozen-or-so attempts at individual glue-on lashes. (Generally speaking the latter only just about works for photo-shoots and never looks natural.) I have no particular issue with my lashes – they are regular eyelashes. My eyes are becoming more sensitised with age, so much so that I actually consulted my ophthalmologist about Revitalash before embarking on my experiment. I wear both glasses and contact lenses.

The product has been on the market since 2006 and may I just ask why no-one told me about this until now? You will be able to read the full story about the ointment’s conception on their website, I will not dwell on it further than mention that there’s a fair bit of science and actual laboratory work involved, with a side of philanthrophy.

The conditioner looks like an eyeliner, and is applied exactly as one would a liquid eyeliner. I applied mine in the evening. The tube contains 4ml of the miracle-making nectarine, and is said to last for 2-3 months. It costs upwards of €100, but do read on.

There are very few cosmetic products that actually deliver what they promise, I’m sure you can concur with this. Exhibit: I still have cellulite and wrinkles around my eyes. So yes, I was sceptical about this one as well. However, after having regularly used the conditioner for one month now, I can report a noticeable difference in my lashes. They are definitely, absolutely longer.

(This statement would be more convincing with some before and after –pictures, of course, but alas they are not available. Neither can I offer reinforcing appraisal from acquaintances, because I don’t see any people.)

You will have to stick to the routine of applying the conditioner regularly for at least two weeks to see a difference. I am not sure for how long the lashes just keep growing, I suppose there’s a saturation point to their length regardless of how long I stick to applying the product. I am also not sure whether the lashes might shrink back should I stop using it (I still have plenty left, though, and am planning to repurchase).

As much of Europe is preparing to hunker down again, consider this post a public service announcement: should you start using the conditioner now, you will emerge from the lockdown with magnificently long lashes without a single visit to a salon. Even better: come Halloween, you might be able to pull a party-trick of touching your eyebrows with your lashes!

Lashes seem to be having a moment also across the pond, as Jenna Lyons of J.Crew -fame just introduced Loveseen –lashes to the market. Lyons herself does not have any lashes or brows due to a genetic disorder, and her natural-looking fake lashes address such gap in the market: most fake lashes are meant to rest on top of our own lashes, and thus won’t work if there are no natural lashes underneath to provide the leverage.

Fake lashes, no matter how natural-looking, come with a certain amount of top-level hassle very few of us would consider – or have the precision-motoric skills for – on a daily basis (big parties are a different thing, but ain’t nobody going to big parties this year). Therefore enhancing what you already have can be a practical middle ground.

In summary: Revitalash did not cause any irritation, but of course do follow the instructions.
Applying the product more than once a day does not increase or speed up the growth.
I saw a clear difference in my lashes after two weeks of regular application.
As for the price: yes, it is spendy, but saves you in the long run (compared to salon-applied lashes).
I wonder why nobody told me about this product earlier.

*I have paid for my Revitalash myself and have not been requested to write about it, neither do I have any affiliation with the brand.*

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