Eye Spy: 5 Stars

A haphazard eye-cream applier at best, I finally managed to consistently include this step in my evening skincare routine during the pandemic. I started by using up every sample and half-bottle already in my possession, so there was high and low from Glossier’s Bubble Wrap to Barbara Sturm’s eye cream. Some were excellent, most were good, and then they were gone and I needed a new toy.

I haven’t used Sunday Riley’s 5 Stars eye serum long enough for my findings to pass scientific scrutiny (like everything else in this blog). It’s a new addition to their line, and boasts a 6% retinoid blend (of 5% retinoid ester and 1% liposome encapsulated retinol complexes) and niacinamide, the somewhat ingredient du jour in many new skincare products. An additional good thing about the serum is that it’s applied in the evenings, because I have issues with topical serums and bits and bobs in the morning, when I just generally speaking need to have my face on rather swiftly.

So the 5 Stars is a pleasant enough product that does not irritate, and also it’s unscented (exception to the brand’s many other products). It’s also vegan, cruelty free, and soy- and gluten free. Has PETA and Leaping Bunny certificates. Interestingly, also claims to be energy efficient, which in the current crisis of soaring energy prices is to be welcomed with open arms.

I am a seasoned retinol-user, so have no qualms about including the ingredient also in my eye area care. I cannot report of dramatic changes yet (I still recognise my face every morning), but what little I’ve used the product already, I can somehow tell it’s working. By this I mean that the skin around my eyes feels plumper, and makeup creases possibly a little less than usual. In addition the serum is cooling (the tube has a ceramic tip applicator) and moisturising, yet the serum is not too gel-ey. When applied it has grip, glides on, and sits where it’s supposed to sit. Once applied, it looks and feels invisible.

In other news, the American Crime Story series about the Lewinsky-gate is very good, the first episode dropped this Tuesday (on BBC2) and yes, while it’s very much in sync with my recent 90s revisit, it’s worth a watch. Monica Lewinsky, one of the producers, has been doing a lot of press around the series and she is an absolute force of nature, all things considered. All kudos to her.

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