A short explanatory Note

“The Cassandra complex is a psychological phenomenon in which an individual’s accurate prediction of a crisis is ignored or dismissed.”

More issues than Vogue. This is me sorting them out in a Virginia Woolf-y type of place of my own (also known as washing dirty laundry on the internet). 

I write about literature written by women (not excluding men, but they are not the focus here), feminism, surviving work and other related issues.

I’m a Brussels policy-wonk during the day and reader of books outside office hours. The blog has nothing to do with my job and I shall spare you from any deliberations on daily politics, although it is increasingly challenging not to take some of the world’s craziness personally and to not write about it. 

A small disclaimer: All books and products mentioned are purchased and paid for by yours truly. I also (obviously) take most of the pictures myself. I’ll make very clear if this is not the case. The profile picture on  this page has been taken by Heli Sorjonen.
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