Summer Reading Project: Lorrie Moore

I sometimes pick a reading project for a holiday, meaning that I try to cover the entire works of the chosen author. Sometimes I manage within the timeframe I have, often not (also depending on the author: I would not attempt Joyce Carol Oates or Margaret Atwood in three to four weeks). This summer it was Lorrie Moore.

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How To: Carpe the Ordinary Diem

There’s still a couple of weeks to run around in Havaianas and slivers of tie-dyed Indian cotton before the temperatures sink to single digits. This year, I suggest we be prepared. The list below looks daunting, but it’s not like I’m asking you to daily fold your socks to make them autonomously stand up in the drawers as Marie Kondo would have it. The below needs to be done once a year.

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One In Ten

I read Norwegian author Karen Havelin‘s novel “Please Read This Leaflet Carefully” already in May, on my way back from New York. I read a book review about it in the Guardian last week and it lingered back onto my radar. The novel is about a Norwegian expat who lives in New York and suffers from severe endometriosis. “Niche!” you scream. “One in ten” is my response.

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