Latest Lockdown Literature

I can be a finicky book-byer, and usually do not buy fiction online. Exceptional times, exceptional measures. I made two pacts with myself in the beginning of the lockdown: 1. No drinking wine alone. (Zoom hangovers, anyone?) 2. Netflix only when I have exhausted all other entertainment in the world. (I know myself, and I have no self-restraint and/or -discipline.)

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When Home Is Not Safe

I love every single Instagram post which instructs me to kill time by curling up with a good book after having lit a mood-enhancing scented candle for maximum hygge. I soak up every heavily filtered photo of a long-limbed influencer splayed on an animal hide (cow/sheep/zebra) in their perfectly curated home, pondering which sheet mask she shall try on next while attending a web-based calmness class.

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When Finnish Lifestyle Reigns Supreme

The video-clips of quarantined Italians gathered on their balconies to make music had just about gone viral when a concerned Finn demanded immediate preventative national measures on Twitter, asking whether “us Finns could jointly agree right now that there shall be no rampaging on balconies“.
Finland is a country where pandemic lifestyle has forever been the norm. To make the most of your social distancing, herewith the best from the Finnish Playbook of Self-Isolation.

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