Review: Revitalash Advanced

With only one third of our faces being on show these days, applying makeup has undergone a major rethink – out of sheer necessity. Lipstick has as much as become obsolete as of late, excluding time spent on online gatherings. Other than that, all focus is on eyes, and that’s exactly what we shall talk about today.

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Second Wave Entertainment

Brussels is heading for partial lockdown again, and this brings a warming smugness to a Finn’s chest: we own the pandemic lifestyle ever since our forefathers erred North at the Leningrad Oblast junction about million years ago. If you don’t believe me, look up “Finno-Ugrian suicide hypothesis“. It’s a thing. And yes, us merry people include Estonians and Hungarians, in addition to Mordvins, Udmurts and Vepsians.

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How To: Rest And (Not) Relax

So I thought I’d take a breather from work in 2020 to reflect my life and figure out how to spend the remaining half of my professional life. In hindsight (thank you, useless as always) I should have self-medicated myself into a year-long coma like the protagonist in My Year of Rest And Relaxation by the brilliant Ottessa Moshfegh, but haven’t – yet. Here’s what to expect during a pandemic sabbatical.

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