How to: Driving Home for Christmas

I was getting my coffee this morning as I witnessed a pre-Christmas urban nativity play take place on the street: a family of four stuffing their car with everything they could possibly have mobilised from their apartment, including a couple of pets and possibly some rodents they found hiding in the kitchen cupboards and just packed along because hey, it’s Christmas.

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Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

I am a North person. Not only am I from North, but it is also my preferred holiday destination, or direction, rather. There is no explanation to this. I have tried Greek and Spanish islands, even Mexico. It took some doing, but I have come to accept that these places do nothing for me. I’ve found my True North, and it’s not South.

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Nonfiction November: Know My Name

Yes, I know it’s no longer November, but I wanted to file this book still under the #nonfictionnovember reading project (was that hashtag even a thing, by the way?). It’s a recent memoir by Chanel Miller, and given various, ongoing international developments its topic has sort of been making the rounds in the press, so I thought it deserved to be introduced here.

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