Read, Tried and Tested in May

There was a time when bloggers who declared going on one month detox of not buying anything were considered nothing short of gods of sustainability and self-discipline. Enter pandemic, and the only shopping most of us have been indulging in the last three months is that of groceries. (Kindly note that purchasing skincare online does not count as buying things.)

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April Acids And Other Active Ingredients

I ‘fess up first: this morning I sent an email to my hairdresser asking him to take all my monies in exchange of the very first slot that becomes available as soon as they are safely able to open shop again. I don’t feel good about this, but in my defence, my hair looks like an absolute asshole and I’m *this* close to going for a buzz-cut.

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Best of Pharmacy and Supermarket

Shopping facilities have understandably become scarce in the past weeks, ranging from pretty much nothing being open to only bars and restaurants being shut. Whatever your local situation, the authorities have more likely asked you to stay at home than run around out and about shopping. In Belgium we are making do with supermarkets and pharmacies only, so herewith a lockdown edition of favourite beauty products currently available in shops that are still open.

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