The Bonfire of the (Advent) Vanities

In case you’re a working adult, how often, come December 1, do you feel as if there was just too much time in your hands ahead of the Christmas holidays? That there are just too many unbooked slots in your Outlook calendar, that the evenings are just so empty and bare? That maybe a special calendar would be in order to make the days pass faster?

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Sexy For All Saints

The Valentine’s of the Autumn is soon upon us – get ready to be sexy for Halloween! Somehow there’s an expectation to be sexy for all of these holidays nowadays, but hey, any excuse. (Will we ever get a break???) If a random website selling random stuff tells me this is the sexiest time of the year, who am I to contest any of it. Herewith how I’m intending to pass the sexy-time All Saints holiday that’s right around the corner.

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Eye Spy: 5 Stars

A haphazard eye-cream applier at best, I finally managed to consistently include this step in my evening skincare routine during the pandemic. I started by using up every sample and half-bottle already in my possession, so there was high and low from Glossier’s Bubble Wrap to Barbara Sturm’s eye cream. Some were excellent, most were good, and then they were gone and I needed a new toy.

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