April Is The Cruelest Month

Ok, how many TS Eliot “The Wasteland” -quotes have you already seen in the last about 36 hours? Because I am out of original ideas at this point, this is likely the millionth blogpost with this exact title. In my defence, though, this year April really seems to be taking the piss. But don’t despair! Read on!

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When There’s Time to Scrub

On the first day of de facto lockdown it is difficult to choose a topic to write about without coming across absolutely tone deaf. But I want to leave any advise and public information to the authorities and experts (more of which below) – please consult the experts – and try to keep the blog’s focus somewhere else.

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Get Ready for the V-Day

– How do you know Valentine’s Day is around the corner?
– Everybody is selling things that either smell, or indeed are intended to go inside one’s vagina.
Honestly. Every website, because season. Gwyneth’s vagina candle is old news, because we are now supposed to want to scent our surroundings with incense that smells of Erykah Badu’s birth canal.

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