Read Like a Writer: A Study

Arguing about what is a good book is of course as pointless as trying to find consensus on a favourite dish. Discussing good writing, however, is another thing altogether. I came across a rather mediocre piece lately*, but decided to finish it regardless, and use it for educational purposes. Do note that I would never encourage anyone to read awkwardly written literature, as the world is full of excellent books. So don’t necessarily try the following at home.

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Book Tip: Art, Ambition, Aggression

I had already concluded that I’d reached the saturation point of millennial novels (ie. very thinly veiled auto-fiction). You know the type: (stereo)typically a 30-something kid moans about how unfair and politically incorrect the world is, adds a couple of words about their journey of learning to cope with everything by creating a safe space of some sort, and all this without any self-reflection. The End.

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