What Do I Talk About When I Talk About Feminism

I went back to Twitter recently, and a couple of days ago my face broke out in the most epic, angry acne. Emphasis on epic. Rather than considering it a perimenopausal hormone-situation, I blame the social media (as any adult would). And this time I brought supporting documents with me.

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What Would Shakespeare’s Sister do?

I gave it a fair chance and nothing came of it: maybe it was the lockdown scrambling my brain, maybe it’s just how I’m wired, maybe it was mild claustrophobia building up, maybe all of the above, but I was getting nothing done at home. I would pace around my apartment like nervous pigeon, have half-started projects all over the place and switch between levitating on the sofa and manically skipping from one activity to other. A friend summed it up perfectly: it is idiocy to expect a new outcome if you keep doing the same thing without changing something. So I got myself a working space.

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Weak Positives

I long for the days when Meghan and Kate’s spat over a wedding dress-code was headline news. My infallible indicator for analysing the state of the world is counting the column inches written about royals as they prance about fulfilling their inherent, historical only role of providing us commoners with panem et circenses. Needless to say, the state of the world these days is ploughing new depths each day.

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