Sexy For All Saints

The Valentine’s of the Autumn is soon upon us – get ready to be sexy for Halloween! Somehow there’s an expectation to be sexy for all of these holidays nowadays, but hey, any excuse. (Will we ever get a break???) If a random website selling random stuff tells me this is the sexiest time of the year, who am I to contest any of it. Herewith how I’m intending to pass the sexy-time All Saints holiday that’s right around the corner.

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C’est la rentrée!

Happy start of the New Year, which for me takes place in September. As friend put it, January New Year is merely a stocktaking. It’s all working from home and chasing people for overdue drinks in the balmy Brussels. Re-establishing routines and sort of planning for a life after a long while feels like wrapping self in tartan, which never fails to appear as the seasonal freshness come September.

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Ditlevsen’s Copenhagen Trilogy is Nørdic Genius

Reading Swedish Astrid Lindgren is part of every Nordic kid’s literary canon. The Pippi Långstockings and Emils and all of the wholesome children of Bullerby and Saltkråkan in the Swedish Archipelago were firmly etched in my head when I was young, making me compulsively re-read the books, and later experience terrible bouts of disappointment, as my summers absolutely were nowhere as idyllic as those of the merry children in the televised versions of the books.

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