Protected From Fashion

I bought the 100th anniversary edition of the Vogue Paris to take a trip down memory lane. It was. (Remember the days when we would simply move on with our lives after seeing an offensive/outrageous advert? Instead of demanding everybody involved to be fired, including the DJ responsible for the music during the photo shoot? I’m thinking the notorious Benetton ads and such, or the Tom Ford for Gucci- one with pubic hair trimmed into a G?)

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Sexy For All Saints

The Valentine’s of the Autumn is soon upon us – get ready to be sexy for Halloween! Somehow there’s an expectation to be sexy for all of these holidays nowadays, but hey, any excuse. (Will we ever get a break???) If a random website selling random stuff tells me this is the sexiest time of the year, who am I to contest any of it. Herewith how I’m intending to pass the sexy-time All Saints holiday that’s right around the corner.

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