Weak Positives

I long for the days when Meghan and Kate’s spat over a wedding dress-code was headline news. My infallible indicator for analysing the state of the world is counting the column inches written about royals as they prance about fulfilling their inherent, historical only role of providing us commoners with panem et circenses. Needless to say, the state of the world these days is ploughing new depths each day.

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Read, Tried and Tested in May

There was a time when bloggers who declared going on one month detox of not buying anything were considered nothing short of gods of sustainability and self-discipline. Enter pandemic, and the only shopping most of us have been indulging in the last three months is that of groceries. (Kindly note that purchasing skincare online does not count as buying things.)

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Ville Lumière – Big Apple

I was in New York almost exactly a year ago. Spending a week or so in Manhattan had become something of a tradition over the last couple of years – there was usually a work trip around April/May and I sort of took things forward from there. This spring nobody’s going to New York whether they have jobs or not, a slight consolation, but very slight.

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When Things Start Looking Up

Nevermind Monday, shops in Brussels are open, the French are allowed to venture as far as 100km away from their residences and Ana De Armas and Ben Affleck have taken the very retro, very pre-pubescent route to publicly exclaim their going steady by purchasing matching heart necklaces. The type that you split in two and give the other half to whoever shared the last slow dance with you at middle-school disco. Because love.

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