Looking Like a Reader

A side order of French fries in an Antwerp restaurant was priced at €14 last week. I don’t know how much a pint of milk costs, but I do know that the price of Prada loafers has gone up by over €60 since February. We must brace for dire straits, and it’s time to look for more affordable accessories: I’m happy to report that books have just become very fashionable.

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Trending This Spring: Invasion-Chic

In a legendary SNL-skit Melissa McCarthy‘s Sean Spicer (Trump’s short-lived first press secretary) tries to convince the press room about a sizeable, adoring audience the president had attracted. “The men all had erections and every single one of the women was ovulating left and right“. In a freakish imitation of art, this sarcastic one-liner has become reality every time the larger than life President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky makes an appearance.

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Protected From Fashion

I bought the 100th anniversary edition of the Vogue Paris to take a trip down memory lane. It was. (Remember the days when we would simply move on with our lives after seeing an offensive/outrageous advert? Instead of demanding everybody involved to be fired, including the DJ responsible for the music during the photo shoot? I’m thinking the notorious Benetton ads and such, or the Tom Ford for Gucci- one with pubic hair trimmed into a G?)

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