What Would Shakespeare’s Sister do?

I gave it a fair chance and nothing came of it: maybe it was the lockdown scrambling my brain, maybe it’s just how I’m wired, maybe it was mild claustrophobia building up, maybe all of the above, but I was getting nothing done at home. I would pace around my apartment like nervous pigeon, have half-started projects all over the place and switch between levitating on the sofa and manically skipping from one activity to other. A friend summed it up perfectly: it is idiocy to expect a new outcome if you keep doing the same thing without changing something. So I got myself a working space.

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Read, Tried and Tested in May

There was a time when bloggers who declared going on one month detox of not buying anything were considered nothing short of gods of sustainability and self-discipline. Enter pandemic, and the only shopping most of us have been indulging in the last three months is that of groceries. (Kindly note that purchasing skincare online does not count as buying things.)

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Dark Books for Bright Days

Let’s start the week with some stats, coming from a research consortium including Johns Hopkins University: If the lockdown were to last an average of six months, we can expect 31 million additional cases of gender-based violence globally. By the end of April, after seven weeks of lockdown, there was an increase of 47% in calls to Spain’s national hotline, and in Ukraine, at the U.N. -supported hotlines, a peak of 113%. Add to that an expected 7 million unplanned pregnancies and, and….

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The Audacity to Ask – Thoughts

I hope everybody is as well as can be these days. I am – I got coffee. I was the second customer this morning, and I know in my heart that I can do better tomorrow. Whatever the doomsayers have warned about the difficulties of returning to one’s pre-pandemic routines, well, they are wrong. I bounced right back to mine.

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