April Is The Cruelest Month

Ok, how many TS Eliot “The Wasteland” -quotes have you already seen in the last about 36 hours? Because I am out of original ideas at this point, this is likely the millionth blogpost with this exact title. In my defence, though, this year April really seems to be taking the piss. But don’t despair! Read on!

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When We’re (Not) Half Way There

It’s the 8000th of March today so I decided to spruce up the corner where I spend most of my day writing browsing the Internet. I placed the currently on rotation home scents on a cake stand for no particular reason, as well as set a framed photograph of my boyfriend Brad* next to it. This took me about three minutes, so I’m back staring at my neighbours exercise on their balcony across the courtyard. How’s your lockdown working for you?

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Chic Easter Eggs

I was doing my government-approved daily sortie the other day and swung by a newspaper stand (still allowed to keep open). “Chic Easter eggs” exclaimed a title on the cover of an obviously pre-Corona glossy, proffering, as it appeared, a recipe to turn adequate but regular eggs into something chic to adorn one’s Easter feast. It was a hysterical reminder of how quickly perfectly normal things had started to seem almost comically tone-deaf within the lifespan of a monthly fashion magazine.

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When Home Is Not Safe

I love every single Instagram post which instructs me to kill time by curling up with a good book after having lit a mood-enhancing scented candle for maximum hygge. I soak up every heavily filtered photo of a long-limbed influencer splayed on an animal hide (cow/sheep/zebra) in their perfectly curated home, pondering which sheet mask she shall try on next while attending a web-based calmness class.

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When Finnish Lifestyle Reigns Supreme

The video-clips of quarantined Italians gathered on their balconies to make music had just about gone viral when a concerned Finn demanded immediate preventative national measures on Twitter, asking whether “us Finns could jointly agree right now that there shall be no rampaging on balconies“.
Finland is a country where pandemic lifestyle has forever been the norm. To make the most of your social distancing, herewith the best from the Finnish Playbook of Self-Isolation.

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