Eye Spy: 5 Stars

A haphazard eye-cream applier at best, I finally managed to consistently include this step in my evening skincare routine during the pandemic. I started by using up every sample and half-bottle already in my possession, so there was high and low from Glossier’s Bubble Wrap to Barbara Sturm’s eye cream. Some were excellent, most were good, and then they were gone and I needed a new toy.

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The One Where I Revisited the Nineties

This was (maybe still is) the Autumn when my body and soul (the latter somewhat more curiously) was teleported back to the Nineties. Like, big time. There might never be a definite answer as to why this happened, but there seems to be some documented evidence that Mercury was in retrograde, and that some vaccinated women have experienced changes in their menstrual cycles. Everybody can believe in what mostly resonates with them, no judgement.

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Pitt Came to Town

Belgium’s hard lockdown means that crossing the country’s borders is basically impossible. Therefore imagine my delight when Brad Pitt flew over to Brussels this Monday to “support his artist friend”. I appreciate creativity whenever I see any, and Pitt’s excuse for a clandestine Easter city-break holds the top spot (it’s a tough contest, though). (Whether I’m Pitt’s artist friend you’ll never know.)

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Pandemic Toys, Part 1

So I bought myself some Fraîcheur Ice Globes. If you follow stalk Tracee Ellis Ross as meticulously as I do, you will have seen such globes appear on the beauty routine video she did for Vogue (link at the bottom). If you read your paper UK Vogue carefully, as you always should, you have seen Ice Globes featured, somewhat confusingly, in an article about home exercise in the November issue.

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