First Aid to Angry, Hormonal Skin

As if to play its part in supporting current figurative purges of multitude of issues that are taking place all over the world, a week ago my skin broke out in the worst acne ever. And this “ever” includes my puberty. I initially thought it could be Twitter-related because I’m keen to blame social media for all the ills of the world, but accepted after some reflection that it might actually be hormonal.

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Weak Positives

I long for the days when Meghan and Kate’s spat over a wedding dress-code was headline news. My infallible indicator for analysing the state of the world is counting the column inches written about royals as they prance about fulfilling their inherent, historical only role of providing us commoners with panem et circenses. Needless to say, the state of the world these days is ploughing new depths each day.

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April Acids And Other Active Ingredients

I ‘fess up first: this morning I sent an email to my hairdresser asking him to take all my monies in exchange of the very first slot that becomes available as soon as they are safely able to open shop again. I don’t feel good about this, but in my defence, my hair looks like an absolute asshole and I’m *this* close to going for a buzz-cut.

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When There’s Time to Scrub

On the first day of de facto lockdown it is difficult to choose a topic to write about without coming across absolutely tone deaf. But I want to leave any advise and public information to the authorities and experts (more of which below) – please consult the experts – and try to keep the blog’s focus somewhere else.

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Blink and You’ll Miss It: January Sunshine

I saw a blue sky this weekend. That should be topic enough to blog about, given that I rarely venture out of my casket, but here we are: the sun was out. What truly sparked joy and triggered a frantic hunt for shorts and bikinis quarter of a century ago (I’m only joking, it never did, even back then) is now merely an additional cause of anxiety: how to deal with the sun without adding to the wrinkles of last summer.

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Case Study: Spendy Skincare

I am a skincare junkie and do not have a problem with that. It is a habit (character trait – could we call it that?) I developed very early on in life, and over the years, no matter whether I really had any disposable money or not, I always made enough materialise to buy small jars of smelly ointments (also, a skill).

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