Going Kontinental: Konfekt

I was never a Monocle –person. I wanted to be, but never managed to curate my entire wardrobe to consist only of dark navy and khaki garments. In principle I endorsed each overpriced, minimalistic gadget that are part and parcel of the Monocle -lifestyle, but in practise my penchant for whimsical baubles would eventually mess up the otherwise good effort.

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January Distractions

Imagine having spent most of your life in the public eye. Imagine having been catapulted to stratospheric celebrity without possessing any skills except for that of tireless self-promotion. Imagine having prepared for a shocker for months and then, just as you’re about to go live with your bombastic piece of spectacle, your president steals the show. Kim Kardashian probably has to stay being married to Kanye West now, as no one gives a shit about their divorce anymore.

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A Year of Journaling

It was a year ago, almost to the date, when I saw Elizabeth Gilbert post a picture of her 2019 journals on Instagram – all six of them. Most things that influencers boast about doing/buying/being on social media I cannot, or otherwise won’t do. Filling six blank books with my thoughts in a year – I could absolutely do that. And did. Except that only had enough thoughts to fill four books.

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