Second Wave Entertainment

Brussels is heading for partial lockdown again, and this brings a warming smugness to a Finn’s chest: we own the pandemic lifestyle ever since our forefathers erred North at the Leningrad Oblast junction about million years ago. If you don’t believe me, look up “Finno-Ugrian suicide hypothesis“. It’s a thing. And yes, us merry people include Estonians and Hungarians, in addition to Mordvins, Udmurts and Vepsians.

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How To: Rest And (Not) Relax

So I thought I’d take a breather from work in 2020 to reflect my life and figure out how to spend the remaining half of my professional life. In hindsight (thank you, useless as always) I should have self-medicated myself into a year-long coma like the protagonist in My Year of Rest And Relaxation by the brilliant Ottessa Moshfegh, but haven’t – yet. Here’s what to expect during a pandemic sabbatical.

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So, my previous post about a consciously optimistic outlook on the world didn’t age well, huh? Exhilarated by Thursday’s Brad & Jen reunion for the Fast Times live table read I was almost ready to give 2020 a chance for the remaining odd three months. This was met with a classic “Hold my beer” -response as The News swooped over the world late Friday evening. You win, 2020. You win.

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