Pandemic Toys, Part 1

So I bought myself some Fraîcheur Ice Globes. If you follow stalk Tracee Ellis Ross as meticulously as I do, you will have seen such globes appear on the beauty routine video she did for Vogue (link at the bottom). If you read your paper UK Vogue carefully, as you always should, you have seen Ice Globes featured, somewhat confusingly, in an article about home exercise in the November issue.

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Rockstars as Authors

I’ve recently become rather enchanted by Lenny Kravitz. Maybe because he’s part of the world’s most attractive family and I’ve watched his actor daughter Zoë in Big Little Lies during the pandemic. Maybe it’s because lately he’s done a bit more press than usual, mainly to promote his book Let Love Rule as well as YSL perfume Y (as in ‘why’), of which he is the face.

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