When It’s August And You Want Everything

It’s the circle of life: after two months of being swaddled in shapeless linen sundresses we are all ready to dress in proper clothes again. Remember the things with sleeves, waistbands and zippers? As mornings inevitably start getting crispier and the September issues hit the shelves, Scottish plaid starts to look inexplicably alluring again.* 

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Too Old, Too Fat, Too Royal

Top Gun is making a 30-year anniversary comeback, but we will not see codename “Charlie” (Kelly McGillis) the second time round. The problem is that in real life the actress has, believe it or not, aged, and she does not look like someone who’s in her 30s anymore, which probably can be explained by the fact that three decades have passed since the filming of the original Top Gun. 

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Tricky Being Cocky

Because canicule, my brain has switched on to energy-saving mode. It took me this long to realise that we have interestingly reached a situation where women seem to have started to dominate the agenda almost across the horizon.  As for the men, well, men of the universe, you really are not putting forward your best candidates lately, are you?

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Fancy Feet

It has come to pass that my meticulously maintained morning coffee and croissant habit has been severely interrupted by my having to haul my ass to a pilates class at the crack of dawn these days. This is because I am a long-time sufferer of every postural problem ending in “-sis“, such as lordosis and scoliosis, and the pain was starting to hit new limits, making daily life pretty much intolerable. Also I was starting to look like a middle-aged female Pisa.

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How to: When Everybody Leaves Town

As is characteristic to Brussels and the expat community the world over, people change jobs and consequently their country of residence in the summer because of school holidays and also it’s more fun in sweltering heat. Thus, ’tis the season of goodbyes and people trying to get rid of their house-plants and unwanted kitchen knick-knacks by smuggling them to office in the name of “circular economy”.

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Summertime Skincare: Code Blue

Today’s skincare routine matches Meghan Markle’s Wimbledon outfit yesterday. I hope you appreciate that I keep your visual palette for the weekend consistent. I realised yesterday that my current skincare favourites are all blue, and they are all products that I am happy to recommend, so here you are. (Please note that I didn’t buy them to match each other and look cute in a picture together. Also, I wanted to photograph them with a blue hydrangea from my ​jardin, but the blue variety has gone on partial strike and is not blossoming evenly.)

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