Me, My Laptop And I

Hello world! I hope you are keeping well, keeping your distance and keeping your spirits up. My body has reacted to this situation in the most peculiar way: I am constantly eating. Honest to god I’ve finished every quarantine treat before I’ve emptied the shopping bags at home. Anyone else have similar experiences?

Another, a rather more expected outcome: I have subscribed to countless online pilates- and yoga classes in the last days.
Classes attended: 0

I’m making an effort to read more, and if your sense of humour can take it in the current situation, give Ottessa Moshfeg’s My Year of Rest and Relaxation a try. It is about a woman in Manhattan who decides to lock herself in her apartment and put herself in a narcotic hibernation for a year. Given that this current virus-situation and its aftermath might take its sweet time, preparing to sleep for a year does not actually sound too bad.

I am also re-watching the Handmaid’s Tale, which might not be the most calming thing to do – IRL post-apocalyptic scenarios are already flying wild, and, oh well. Anyway.

MET-gala is postponed until no-one knows when. For the sake of nostalgia and in an attempt to lift spirits, herewith a memento from last year’s exhibition themed CAMP after the MET ball. (Can you remember the time when it was appropriate to theme one’s party camp?)

Anna Wintour yesterday endorsed Joe Biden and it seems indeed interesting whether and how the whole election is going to take place. It will also be interesting to see what the future Vogue -issues (or any magazine tbh) will contain, as it’s not like it’s business as usual for the fashion and entertainment industries. Suddenly there’s no-one stepping out or flaunting anything. (Also maybe there was a tipping point to how long the world can possibly be fascinated by the Kardashian-clan stepping out one by one, anyway.)

So far the Vogue website has been highly entertaining and is frequently updated with good links and reading, so have a look. Another tip for anyone who’s into property-porn: Architectural Digest YouTube videos where rich and beautiful (and often interesting) people offer tours in their homes are quarantine gold.

Podcast tip: Even if you do not particularly like Oprah Winfrey’s Supersoul Conversations, the very recent one with Michelle Obama is absolutely lovely. The one with Tracee Ellis Ross is not bad, either, but listening to Michelle Obama makes things seem slightly less horrible for a while.

Herewith most of the thoughts I could muster today (in addition to cleaning windows, ironing all my tea towels, vacuuming the apartment and throwing away a ton of junk). There was another thought, though, as I was reading WHO’s latest updates on the COVID-jab development front: for a fleeting moment I did think about the anti-vaxxers/anti Western medicine-ers and whether the time is now ripe for them to consider protecting their families once we are (hopefully) there with a vaccine.

See, despite all the cleaning and ironing, still plenty space for thoughts.

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