How To: Holistic and Conscious

I’m afraid it’s the time of the year again, girls. “For things that cannot be solved with sexy lingerie, there’s the new & limited Romantic Essentials Bag*- for a special moment.” St Valentine’s, you caught me and my sofa-shaped arse off guard, again.

You have one job.
It is to love yourself. It’s also to rethink your body. Love it, too. And accept it, obviously. Massage it, but mindfully. Feed it, but only with peculiar substances in powder form that must be mixed with liquid and imbibed on an empty stomach. Gua Sha it by gliding a slab of rock along your shins. You have the time. You’re working from home. Move it, though never to lose weight, but to become powerful, maybe lean&muscular. Flaunt it – and this is easy. It’s basically stepping out.
Be your best self and live your best life. Love yourself.
Also, live in the moment. Happiness is now. A bit like carpe diem, but vibe it.

Holistic approach.
Whatever you do, only ever do it, if it treats your mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing at once – the definition of holistic approach. Admittedly this sounds like a laborious lifestyle, but there’s quite possibly a viable shortcut: SpaRitual do a Fragrant Mist, a holistic product that in addition to advancing one’s mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing also is the path to enlightenment and the brand is committed to creating earth-sustaining products that in addition to the holistic five also relax and nourish.
This, with Weleda’s shower gel that removes cellulite! Consumer can but live, laugh and love, love, love it.

Buy some seasonal underwear, but remember to embody traits.
In the words of Vanity Fair “while we tend to think of Valentine’s day, and lingerie for that matter, as a treat for other people, it’s worth remembering that the name “Valentine” comes from valens, meaning worthy, strong, and powerful. Below, we’ve pulled together Valentine’s Day lingerie options that are sure to help you embody all three traits. Because at the end of the day, you need to love yourself first.
In the name of self-love, here’s to lounging home alone in some of the following lingerie options, as suggested by Vanity Fair:
Luxe stretch-silk satin soft-cup triangle bra and thong
Romantic Corded Lace Teddy
Mesh underwired bra and thong
Tie Me Up Triangle Bralette and Brazilian Thong
Strapless Plunge Bra and Thong
Balconette lace-trim bra and thong

Not a fan of thong? How about Eros Canova French Cut Ouvert (posh way of saying “crotchless”) Undies in Black, then?

And remember, it’s really just for you, you know. To feel worthy, strong and powerful.

You conscious thing!
Our collective, unconscious wading in muddy waters (brain fog wasn’t invented yet) was over the minute Gwyneth brought consciousness into this world when she consciously uncoupled with Chris Martin. There hasn’t been a lipstick or a perfume since that hasn’t been consciously created. Nobody knows what it means, and I love it.
It’s a bit like Melania Trump auctioning “iconic white millinery masterpiece” (a white hat she wore during a 2018 visit with President Emmanuel Macron) with a watercolor of her wearing it, as well as an NFT, the opening bid being $250,000. I have no idea what any of that means, but it sounds perfect.
Be conscious this Valentine’s Day! And every other day, maybe!

Be instantly transported to a sensual place where beautiful women gather in celebration of the female form…
As per the pricey incense I bought last weekend. Meditation, like every other sport, is all about the equipment, and I needed to get back in the rut. (As the third year of pandemic kicked off, spirituality clearly must be embraced: one friend is reading tarot cards, another introduced me to something called “intuition cards“. I decided I must be able to not look at my phone for 20 minutes each day (I already sit still, eyes closed, most of the time anyway, so the adjustment is minimal.)
I love a bold promise on a packaging, so the above, with the name I Found Myself In a Female Orgy made it impossible to pass. The incense stinks to high heaven, but the herbs are ethically sourced, and good vibes and peaceful intentions have gone into each hand-rolled stick.

… but know thy limits.
This is important. Adele won all of the prizes at the BRIT awards last night, and is now canceled for the horrible faux pas of admitting in her acceptance speech that she’s a woman and loves it. For shame for slurring ‘woman’ in public!
Don’t be Adele. Be better.

*Contains, among other things, a full-size Wet Lip Oil Gloss Fruitjuice**! Free with a purchase of €220 or more. For a special moment.
**The name of my future punk-rock band.

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